Faults of starter.

If the starter continues to run after the engine is started, then, on the power contacts of the traction relay voltage remains.

Faults of starterIn this situation contacts of the traction relay or contacts in the ignition are faulty.
The voltage on the contact comes in the following way: the battery-lock, the starter relay ignition (if there are any) – the traction relay rotor. It follows that as long as we do not turn the ignition key to the “Start”, the contacts can’t get on the traction relay. So – be the first in the chain of malfunctions is the ignition.

Find in the engine compartment the wire, going to the traction relay of a starter. Typically, this wire has a plug-in connection: disconnects it and by the end of the wires going to the traction relay, after his separation, relate to battery plus (Engine is put into neutral). If the engine starts the starter motor is switched off, the originator of all is the ignition.

Extinguished lamp or absence of voltage says that the problem should be sought in the contacts of the traction relay.

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