Changing Rear Brake Light Bulb Hyundai Sonata 2013

Alright I’m gonna change the outbreak like on that my Hyundai sonata 2013 up it applies to most denies I believe all the way up to a lot not most when as most now has up to 2013 Hyundai Sonata headlights and beyond as they haven’t changed Amalie. But. Basically all it is were inside the trunk. And this is the rear panel. To the. Like cluster on the rear end to turn signal and break like what cluster in all you do is just pull this off is made out of plastic felt that. You just pull it. And there you have access to the panel.

Light Bulb Hyundai SonataThat Turn signal is that right here brake light is here and all you do to get that break let out is just turning counterclockwise. And pulled. The housing out. We go. There’s the outbreak light. And To remove the light from the socket you push down a little bit and you turn counterclockwise. Now comes the oddball now put a link to that on the description 2013 Hyundai Sonata headlights. It’s a specific type of Bob so. Then put it to put it back in. Just the reverse process push it down a little bit Dermatol locks test that. The. Well back in it’s a. Paul there. And They’re gonna That type And I’m gonna. Now So And then just turn it clockwise to lock in there you go.

Next just put this. Cover back on and. Tester break like. So put the cover back osprey simple like assessment or felt in plastic that’s bendable don’t worry about it bending it. But tabs underneath like that. There you go let’s say change the brake light on how nice and at Hyundai Sonata 2013. I will put a link in the description for the actual Bob itself.

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